We can pay you monthly by mailing you a check or via PayPal based upon your choice and the information you supply us with in your "Payment Information" saved in your AddLibra Dashboard.  We also require you to complete your "Tax Information" with a W-9 or foreign entity equivalent before we can make any payments to you.

You can complete your "Payment Information" and "Tax Information" by selecting the appropriate section from the "Account" menu dropdown in your AddLibra Dashboard.

You can select payment by either PayPal or Check and provide a PayPal email address or physical mailing address.  Don't forget to save the information.

To provide us with your W-9 information, select "Tax Information" from the "Account" menu in your AddLibra Dashboard.

You must choose between a U.S. or Foreign Entity.

For U.S. Entities you will be directed to complete a W-9 form including your name or business entity name, entity type, provide your social security or employer identification number, sign electronically and date the form.  Don't forget to save the information.  A W-9 or foreign equivalent will be required before any payments can be made.