Who the heck is AddLibra and why did they charge my credit card?

We’re your friendly online (local) bookstore. If you saw a charge from us on your credit card statement its likely related to a purchase you made of a book or an eBook from AddLibra. While it may not have been apparent on the surface that we were behind that transaction, don’t panic, it wasn’t some nefarious hack job like you see on those clever credit card commercials. 

We power some of the best and brightest independent bookstores, authors, publishers, bloggers and content websites in partnership. Best of all, a portion of the sale goes right back to help support those same folks whose website you purchased through, so you really are bringing dollars and jobs back into the local economy and to help support these hardworking folk.

Why do we do this? All in the name of book discovery and freedom of choice. We want to help support the little guys. Millions of ‘em in fact. What a noble cause right? We ask that you keep on supporting our efforts here at AddLibra and now, get back into that great book you’ve been reading.


The AddLibra Team